First in the World Biogas Plant for Metsä Fibre's Bioproduct Mill

EcoEnergy SF Oy will build, own and operate a biogas plant at Metsä Fibre´s new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland.

The core of Metsä Group's bioproduct mill, under construction in Äänekoski, lies in the world's most efficient pulp mill, with an annual capacity of 1.3 million tonnes.

This biogas plant is the first in the world to make use of the sludge generated in pulp production.

The plant, set to be completed in 2017, produces approximately 20 gigawatt hours of biogas a year, which is equal to the annual fuel consumption of roughly 1,800 passenger cars.

Later on it is aiming to use other biodegradable sludge and source separated bio-waste.

In addition to the biogas the plant will produce solid bio-fuel, which can replace coal in power plants or fossil fuels in industries.

The investment cost of the plant is 15,3 million euro.

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy has granted EcoEnergy SF an investment aid from the government's spearhead programme funds for carbon-free, clean, renewable energy.

EcoEnergy SF Oy is owned by the shareholders of Envor Protech Oy.

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