is providing Best Available Technologies from Finland for

Converting forest-based biomass into power plant fuel: 

  • Bark presses for the dewatering wet bark into dry fuel by mechanical 
  • High-capacity stationary chippers 
  • Grinders and Crushers for e.g. 
    • Eucalyptus and pine logs and residues 
    • Eucalyptus, pine and acacia bark 
    • Stumps 
    • Extra hard tropical wood 
  • Stump harvesters for the removal of stumps 
  • Balers for small diameter wood (pine, acacia) 
  • Typical raw materials are logs, wood from thinning, loose or bundled slash, tree tops and stumps, wood waste, coconut husk, elephant grass, energy cane and sorghum
  • Typical applications include co-firing (sugar and ethanol plants, paper mills, pulverized coal boilers) and raw materials for pellets, pyrolysis or gasification processes. 

High loaded anaerobic digestion (HLAD) plants for biodegradable organic waste 

Biodiesel plants 

Shredders and solid recovered fuel (SRF) plants for industrial, municipal and pre-sorted construction and demolition waste

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